One Day? or Day One?


Choosing a Path

Hello Pretties!

If you know me, you know I’ve been on a life altering trajectory for the last 14 months or so. I needed change. Things weren’t working in many facets of my life and I think as I got closer and closer to the big 4-0,  I realized I am the only one who possesses the power to shift that trajectory.

There was no Prince Charming coming on a white horse to save me from the mess I had made of my life. I had to come to terms with the fact that I, in fact, wasn’t a princess. I  actually didn’t need saving. I was a Queen!


I am the one who decides my life. I have the option of creating a life I truly love. I can absolutely design my days to work for me. I am the one responsible for my future, my finances, my business. If I wasn’t happy, that was on me.

That was both liberating and scary as Hell!

There isn’t a part of my life that I’ve left untouched. I’ve flipped every part of it over with a microscope. I’ve embraced listening to my inner voice and I’ve worked at setting goals, big and small.  I am working diligently to live my life with intention, in every way. I am human. I mess up all the time. But, I keep my goals in sight and now realize the importance of taking care of myself, body and spirit. I place time with Diesel at the top of my priority list and I’ve completely restructured my business model.


I am still a work in progress and I always will be, but at 40, I am finally getting my shit together.

I can’t tell you how great that feels.


I had drifted through the bulk of my adult life and I had had success! I know my passion is hair, beauty and fashion and I love that my job has the capability to change how a woman sees herself, feels about herself,  and ultimately how she carries herself back out into the world. I believe enabling her to curate  some self love contributes to her confidence level and could aid in bringing her closer to her husband and family. I also believe it funnels into her career and other relationships. I mean, when you FEEL GOOD everything is easier to handle, right? If you feel pretty you want your hubby to notice and you want those flirty moments that keep the relationship alive! You are woman! Let me hear you ROAR!


As I journeyed through my 39th trip around the sun I had to make a lot of difficult choices. You see, deciding to live intentionally meant I had to really take stock in what was working and not working in my life. What would bring me joy? What would I have to change to get me there?


No one could have prepared me for the shit storm I was about to create  as I unwound everything around me that I just “let happen”, as I drifted through my adulthood. I never considered I could actually choose and curate every morsel of my world. I mean, I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings!! It’s easier just to “go with it”.


Except, it wasn’t working for me. I was becoming bitter, resentful and  angry. That’s NOT who I am! My light was going dim and I was miserable on the inside.

Things will continue to change. That IS life. But I think the hardest parts are behind me now. I heard an analogy recently that struck me as it’s so true.

“Surgery fixes problems, but the middle of surgery looks like murder.”


I have felt that so many times the last year, but that is growth. Imagine how a little seed feels when it’s time to sprout! It has to completely come undone to become what it was meant to be.

I am elated to be on the other side of this life restructure! I have so many fun and exciting things ahead of me with Aura! We now have an actual business plan, systems, processes, procedure, financial stability and can provide amazing opportunities for our staff!


I’m just getting started in the right direction but I carry with me the wisdom, the experience and the pain of not having a plan or paying attention…


Thank you all for hanging with me. I appreciate my clients and I enjoy sharing my life with you! Come with me into my next chapter……It’s the one where the Queen finds her voice and her purpose!


Our Newest Obsession

Hello Pretties! 


We’re now officially an Oribe Studio!  



In our efforts to do everything with excellence we’ve decided to bring in this luxury hair care line. 


Oribe began its journey in 2008 and blends craftsmanship, performance and decades of styling experience from the top of the editorial and salon worlds to create a new category in hair care. 



Oribe Canales felt strongly that his products should push the boundaries of performance. He wanted stylists and consumers to not just see- but feel- the difference.

The founders worked with innovative labs and specialty collaborators around the works to create custom formulations that truly surpass anything in the marketplace. 



Oribe products are ultra-high tech and  the formulations are clean and modern.  Oribe is formulated without parabens or sodium chloride as well as gluten free and cruelty free. 


All products are color safe, keratin treatment safe and have UV protection for your hair!  


They perform like magic!  


Oribe was the first to use a fine frangrance in its hair products. Embodying  glamour and warmth, the scent creates a sensuous, invigorating experience. The frangrance is consistent through the line to compose a beautiful experience for the hair- and spirit. 

We can’t wait to use our new line on you!

Avail 2/5/2019!


Oh, You Want Sexy Thick Fabulous Hair? Meet Your New Bestie: NBR



Hello Pretties!


Today I’m going to walk you through the Natural Beaded Rows difference!



I am in LOVE with NBR! I’ve had all kinds of hair extensions in the last 20 years and these babies are the cream of the crop!


I had my NBR installed 2 weeks ago and I am enjoying them so much! They’re by far the lightest weight extensions and most comfortable!!



My hair is actually too short for NBR but since hair IS what I do….I can make it work. I am excited for my hair to get a bit longer so I can play around with it more and go loonnnger!! And, let's face it....I looked like I belonged on the set of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...Umpa Lumpa no more. 


Who doesn’t dream of being a mermaid….ahhhh!




Okay, back to “why Natural Beaded Rows?”.


Why would one choose NBR over other methods of hair extensions?



Let’s begin by walking you through the installation process.


First and foremost, your hair must be touching your shoulders to even be considered for NBR…..and having said that….

Rules are made to be broken at times so based on the situation it is possible that NBR could be used on someone with hair shorter than shoulder length.


Step 1) Hair color


One thing that really bugged me when wearing other methods of extensions was hair color.


I swear it was never a perfect match on my head….and that made me crazy and super stressed about someone calling me out on my extensions.



I have never cared if people “know” I have extensions but I sure as Hell didn’t want it to be obvious!!


Regardless of how many different colors I would order from the little swatch ring and mix and match different blondes, I just couldn’t seem to attain perfection with the blend.


Not having perfect hair color will give your secret away faster than anything.



Just one more reason why I’m obsessed with NBR!!



So, yes, I will order hair for you based on what your desired outcome is, but I will then color your hair AND the extensions!


I always give the root a bit of shadow but I may also lowlight, tone, gloss, or completely change the color all together. 




Step 2) Make a track


 Tiny aluminum beads are installed into your hair about an inch apart with thread laced between them. This creates a “line” which will be used to sew in hand tied hair wefts.


I know, you’re like “what?”! Haha!! 


The beads and thread look like this when installed:







Those tiny beads are the only thing actually attached to your hair! Depending on your desired outcome, you could have 1, 2 or 3 rows installed in your hair.

I currently have 3 rows in my hair.


If you’ve worn bonded, fusion or tape-in’s you know how AMAZING it is to have so much less contact with YOUR own hair!


If you’ve gone into a “lifting” appointment with any of those methods you KNOW how much hair you’ve seen coming out of your head as the extensions are removed from your hair. I know it always freaked me out!



Having smaller bits of contact mean there’s less chance of damage.





NOTHING is damage free…. I mean blowdrying, curling, swimming, coloring…..ALL DAMAGING! Everything we do to our hair creates some kind of damage. 


Thank you, and now back to my article:)


You CAN have the hair you’ve always wanted with MINIMAL chance of damage and no messy glue.


Step 3) Sew the hair in



The NBR method requires the use of hand-tied hair wefts. “What’s that?” you say…..


 GREAT question!


Hand-tied hair extensions are essentially a seam (tiny like the seam on your shirt) that holds all of the base ends of the hair together.



It is manually woven into the weave by a human being, not a machine. (That brings a whole new level to “being patient”…yikes!)


The results are astounding as you get all the thickness without all the weighty binding. (Everything you want with less wight and bulkiness…less damage, less chance of being seen.)


I use exclusively Boheyme Luxe hair and…..let me tell you, it’s not cheap! But that’s part of why these are soooo goooood!!  


Boheyme Luxe hair includes hair all from one diner in each package. No mix and match here and you can rest assured the quality is utmost.  

Have no fear if you have curly hair. Boheyme also produces curly and wavy hand tied extensions!



The last thing you want is extensions with icky hair with the cuticle layer going up and down. Hello recipe for eagles and matted hair. Yuck.


Since the seam is so small we are able to color the hair and the seam.


Adding just a bit of a shadow on the "root". Having deeper color at the scalp mimics what your hair would naturally do and adds even more disguise to your hair extensions.

Adding just a bit of a shadow on the "root". Having deeper color at the scalp mimics what your hair would naturally do and adds even more disguise to your hair extensions.

 I make “roots” on every single weft as that bit of shadow really conceals the extensions when the wind blows (or you want to French braid your hair) you don’t have to be concerned about anyone spotting your extensions.


And on that note, let’s talk about versatility!



If you have a head full of bonded, fusion or tape in extensions you have to worry about hiding those attachments. A French braid would be tough to pull off with any of these methods.

Yes! You CAN do a high pony!

Yes! You CAN do a high pony!


Having the option to wear your hair almost any way you’d like sets NBR apart. 



Now that we’re colored, tracked and sewn it’s time to


make these puppies part of you!

Need more hair to give you that DREAM hair on your wedding day? Yeah, NBR does that too!!!

Need more hair to give you that DREAM hair on your wedding day? Yeah, NBR does that too!!!



Step 4) The Cut


You want another dead giveaway for hair extensions?




This is me before Taylor cut my newly installed NBR. You have to have your hair extensions properly cut and blended or it looks terrible!! 

This is me before Taylor cut my newly installed NBR. You have to have your hair extensions properly cut and blended or it looks terrible!! 


Blending your new hair into your own hair is paramount! 


Do NOT be scared of the hair you see falling to the ground. 


It is necessary for your extensions to look natural!


There’s nothing sexy about thin or short layers on the top of your head and the bottom looking like a curtain or “cousin it”.



I hope I’ve helped you understand this amazing method!


I’m actually writing this on an airplane!

I’m headed out to California for the 3rd time in 6 months to further my education with NBR. 


I can’t say enough how impressed I am with Danielle K White, creator of NBR. She and her husband provide top notch education and follow through with their companies. Their dedication to superior education is unlike anything else in my industry.


Taylor and I chose to join their “MASTERMIND” program and through that we have weekly webinars, direct access to coaches for guidance and troubleshooting and a network of stylist doing exactly what we’re doing. We call it the #nbrtribe and it’s a sisterhood of love, support and learning.  


This method is NOT easy but we are provided tons of support to be sure we are successful and properly installing NBR.

Taylor and I are in Cali for the 3rd time in 6 months for more training!      Don't you want a stylist committed to giving you the best?      We are investing a chunk of money and lots of time into ourselves to be the best and give YOU the best!

Taylor and I are in Cali for the 3rd time in 6 months for more training!


Don't you want a stylist committed to giving you the best?


We are investing a chunk of money and lots of time into ourselves to be the best and give YOU the best!


When you’re ready for some gorgeous hair head over to the extension page of our website and apply for your free consultation!



Taylor and I are ready to dive into your transformation and give YOU the  fabulous hair you’ve always wanted!



 good AURA always,