Save Your Morning With This Hair Product



7Seconds To The Rescue!

Hello babes!

I want to share a little about one of my favorite products ever! Unite's 7 Seconds Detangling Spray should really be called Miracle in a Bottle. Always praised, with a cult following,  detangling and conditioning ratty hair guessed it- SEVEN SECONDS!!

But, I believe rules are made to be broken so I'm always trying products in ways that aren't recommended and cocktailing them with other products just to see what will happen. 

So, I'm not an oily person. Like, I wish I had more oil in my skin, but I don't, but that's why I don't need to wash my hair every day. When I wake up, especially this time of year, my hair feels dry and a bit crunchy on the ends - and I know I'm not the only one.

One morning I grabbed my 7Seconds bottle and sprayed it all over my dry hair just to see what it did....and OMG!!!! My hair looked amazing! It added weightless shine and moisture, bounce and it softened the product already in my hair from the previous day making it easy to restyle! YAASSS!! How have I even made it this far in life without Unite's 7Seconds?

The purpose of this spray was to serve as a leave-in conditioner and while detangling after you get out of the shower. Since my hair and scalp aren't oily, I used this instead of dry shampoo. After working out I just spritz 7Seconds on my hair to refresh and I was ready for the day in just 7 seconds! 

And want to know a secret? Its even fabulous on my four year old! He gets that crazy bed head thing in the back of his hair every morning. But with just a few sprays of 7Seconds and voila! Smooth and shiny! Check out my video below to see it for yourself! :-) 

I don't know about you, but I'm always racing the clock in the morning and I love sharing these little tricks that makes my morning easier! I challenge you to give 7Seconds a try! 

Have a great hair day!

January Carter