This my jam💁‍♀️


Not often do I hear a song that immediately evokes drive, emotion, or makes me wanna dance, but Imagine Dragon’s song Thunder Is one of those songs.  I want to cry and go kick a boxing bag all the while deiberating how I could live life better!

Its empowering and reflective...all in one. 

I heard it recently on a video produced for one of my team mates by her fiancé. I had heard the song before but perhaps not in its entirety, and clearly not in the loving way I heard it on Taylor P.’s super sweet video from her hubs to be.

I heard it today in my car as I pulled into the hospital to visit my grandma. I was all “thunda thunda thunda thunda”!! I would have fist pumped too but I kind of only have one good hand right this second and I needed it to navigate my vehicle. 

I turned off my car and thought about what a great freaking song that is. We all relate to it. No one grows up saying “I just want to be basic”. We ALL dream of doing something great!  

I'm lucky as I get to make people feel good for a living. I get to give confidence!! I get to watch women walk out the door a little taller and a  little stronger. I can indirectly help marriages and careers! The way you feel about yourself affects every part of your life.

What can you do today to live the life you dreamed of when you were growing up?