Are you still wasting money on cheap shampoo?


I know in this world of beauty products galore it can be confusing and stressful to choose the right one for you. Everywhere you look there’s another shampoo or conditioner promising you the results you want! You purchase said product and then find yourself disappointed in the results.


On your weekly Target run, you see an end cap filled with beautifully stocked shampoo at a budget friendly price so you grab a bottle and think “why not? And it smells soooo good! I spent a ton of money on the last one and it didn’t really work.”


I understand completely. We all cave time to time. For me, it’s skin care. 


So, why does it matter what shampoo you use?   Why does your stylist get all bent out of shape when you fill her in on the bottle you just snagged at the grocery (along with your bananas) because you’d run out and didn’t have time to get “the good stuff”? 


My personal favorite is when my client knows I won’t approve of the product she’s been using so she has “shampoo amnesia”! “I just cannot remember what I’m using!”. 


It’s okay! But let me fill you in on why it matters to me....and, it’s really all about you!



I know my clients spend their hard earned cash with me to give them beautiful hair! What I do in the salon is only a small slice of the pie when it comes to the overall health of your hair. The vast majority of your results rests on your shoulders... no pun intended.


Grocery store shampoo is not PH balanced properly for your hair and scalp.  I read about a study done with non professional shampoos and most formulas were the PH balance of perm solution. I you’ve ever had a perm you know how intense that damage can be!   Couple that with harsh sulfates and sodium chloride for a dangerous trifecta! 

What does that mean for you? 

Say goodbye to your pretty haircolor I just deposited into your hair. Your shampoo just stripped some color out and it will continue to do so every time you wash.... hence part of my frustration. 

Oh, and your blonde hair is dry, dull, brittle and does it look yellow to you? 

You see, it bums me out when you return to my chair 6-8 weeks after your service and your hair is all brassy, dry and faded. And reguardless of what I do to correct the problem that day, your cheap shampoo will reverse my work.  


Then there’s silicone and wax in that bottle of conditioner. 

Your hair feels great and it’s so easy to detangle! And then as you begin to dry it your hair is looking parched and sad.

Silicone is bad for your hair and will dry it out over time.


I would also like to address choosing your shampoo based on magazine recommendations. 

While I’m sure there are some articles that have been genuinely tested by the writer of the article, I’m quite positive that in our world of marketing and sales, products are given to editors for free in hopes their product will be featured or mentioned. I’m also quite sure that many times deals are made for organic marketing purposes. 


That’s all good with me until my client races out to purchase “xyz” product because it was number one on some list. 


I beg of you to please take the advice of your stylist. I can promise you we aren’t building a compound of little tiki huts over the water in Bora-Bora with the money we make off of our products we represent in our salons. We aren’t headed into retirement after we sell one more case of shampoo. 


We, your stylist, know YOUR hair and we advise you based on your needs!! 




But we cant control what you use on your hair. 


One more thing! 

If you’re wearing Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions you should not be using anything with protein (it wears down the extensions quicker).  

Stay away from “rebuild”, “restore”, “strengthening”, “smoothing” and “keratin”.  


Once i I got my NBR (for more on that - I went through all my shampoos and conditioners in my shower and was shocked at the fact that every single bottle in my shower had protein!


Clearly, I wasn’t paying any attention and you can overproteinize your hair leaving it feeling like a horses tail.  That’s definitely what I had going on and I assumed it was damage from highlighting.


I just needed some hydration in my life!  


Okay! That’s all for now. 


good AURA always, 



January Carter