What is NBR?

So, what is all this NBR stuff? I’m glad you asked!

Natural Beaded Rows is a hair extension method unlike anything I’ve experienced. No sticky glue or tape and minimal points of contact with your actual hair! The method was created by Danielle K. White of DKW Styling in Laguna Beach, California and is life changing to those who have them.

NBR Hair Extensions give you the advantage of length, fullness custom coloring and is worth every penny of the investment for a couple of reasons. 

First, they have minimal points of contact on your hair, so it is less damaging to what you have naturally and when reinstalled.

Second, a MAJOR advantage with NBR is the use of hand tied hair wefts. Because each individual weft is hand tied, they take up less room when the individual wefts are installed to each row. Compared to machine stitched and tape-in extensions....this means they are totally seamless at the point of contact with your head. 

Lastly, these extensions are custom colored to blend perfectly with your own hair. 

After being perfectly colored, the extensions are sewn into the hair in 1-3 rows using only thread and beads. NBR Extensions are completely customizable to each client from color and placement to length and volume...that's what makes these babies so amazing! 

Natural Beaded Rows are the most natural, lightweight and comfortable extensions you will find out there, and cause little to no damage. There have been A TON of questions so I'll try to sum them up with a consolidated version of the process:

  • The initial appointment takes 3-4 hours for color and installation, cut and style.
  • NBR extensions will need to be removed and reinstalled (lifted) every 6-8 weeks based on how quickly your hair grows.
    • The best part about Natural Beaded Rows is they come out of your hair in minutes at your lifting appointments. If you’ve worn other types of extensions, you will understand how amazeballs that is! 
  • You will need to replace the hair every 4-6 months based on how the hair is cared for. 

Now in all seriousness, I’ve personally worn and/or installed nearly every extension method and these are hands down the best....in terms of how they look, and how they leave your natural hair! I’ve never had extensions that can be worn up on top of your head in a bun or up in a pony tail without fear of them being seen. 

I’m growing my hair out so I can get some NBR! Send good hair vibes my way so I can get them once I have my hair shoulder length. I can’t wait!