My NBR Experience

I've struggled for years to regrow my hair after years of over processing and heat damage. I love changing my color to try new looks but I always go back to my blonde hair. Unfortunately, this has left me with damaged ends that break off before my hair gets a chance to grow past my shoulders! That's when I discovered hair extensions. 

I started wearing hair extensions about three years ago to fill in the broken spaces around my face and get the length I always wanted. At the time, the best version I found were tape-in extensions. The hair was great quality, the mermaid length I always dreamed of, and they didn't damage my hair hardly at all.

All was right in the world...except I was still limited to the styles of how I could wear my hair. Each tape-in extension consists of two rectangular adhesive tabs that you sandwich a fine section of hair between. With this method you are left with these pieces packed in all over your head to achieve the length and fullness desired. Because of the size, shape and quantity of the tabs, you're left with one style option: down & curled.

As a stylist, you can imagine how frustrating (not to mention, how boring) that was for me!  I was stuck, I was unwilling to give up the length & fullness I finally had so I lived within the restrictions of my tape-in extensions. 

Finally, I was introduced to NBR. I was at a convention in San Diego with January (read about her experience here) and we could not get over this one girl's GORGEOUS  hair! She was seated right next to us and after talking for awhile, we established that she DID have extensions in, but we could not believe how beautifully blended they were!

I was already in love, but then she whipped all of that hair into the perfect high ponytail. I WAS SOLD!

I couldn't believe that there was no sign of extensions anywhere. January and I decided then that we needed to learn this new method and have been working on Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) ever since. These undetectable, hand tied rows of hair have changed my view of extensions and hair maintenance ever since. Tape-ins are fine...but these babies are 10 times better in every way. I will never settle for hair that has no versitality and can't be customized to my style ever again....and neither will my clients! 

If you're interested in learning the secret behind this amazing new method and why we are all so obsessed, I encourage you to click on the link below to find out if NBR is right for you!