My hair struggles....wanting to be barbie but standing in my own way

Hi pretties!


I am so excited! My hair is almost long enough to get my Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) hair extensions installed!

I’m returning from a 2 day intensive training with NBR and had the opportunity to learn hands of from Danielle K White, creator of NBR! 

She was very insightful and I found clarity in little tweaks that will make my work so much better!

NBR is a very technical method and let me tell you….it’s been a challenge mastering these bad boys but I love the challenge and the outcome is soooo worth it!!


I, personally,  got all frustrated with my hair last year.  After my wedding I took my tape in extensions out and whacked my hair off into a bob. 

I love a good bob…..on other people…lol!  Every time i cut my hair into a bob I feel so plain jane. It’s all in my head but it’s just not for me. So i ultimately chopped it back into a faux hawk. I remembered how much thought I liked that and, hey, it’s just sooo easy!! 

When my little man was just a baby I chopped my hair off into what I’ll refer to as…..the “Kate plus 8”  haircut. It wasn’t my jam and I had always wanted a faux hawk like PINK, so once I’d gone as far as the Kate plus 8, I thought what the hell! I’d rather be PINK than “kate plus 8”!

my "Kate plus 8" haircut

my "Kate plus 8" haircut



At that time I chopped my hair off because I was going through a super rough time. I had a colicky baby who screamed from 1-5am every night the first 3-ish months. I had an 8 day maternity leave and worked full time. And, to top it off, his dad and I were on our way to splitsville.

Diesel and I, fall 2014

Diesel and I, fall 2014


I had moved out on my own with my 7 month old baby and 5 months later his dad was still trying to “make it work” between us and I knew that was never going to work. I was happy on my own with my little and my shop and just wanted to be alone. 

So, I chopped my hair off! Deep down I just wanted to be ugly and unattractive to men. 

I was settled into a little house just up the street from my studio with my now 13 month old baby boy and I decided “this is it, it’s just you and me bud, together, And we don’t need anyone else”. 

My plan didn’t work and I don’t even think at the time it was a conscious plan. It didn't change my situation and I was getting more compliments than ever before! 

But I wasn’t ever super comfortable with my hair short. I felt like I really had to play up the girly side of me and God forbid leave the house without make up and jewelry. So while it was

easier, it made everything else more complicated getting out the door.I rocked it for about 8 months or so before I started growing it back out.


I met my now husband about 6 weeks after chopping my hair and he loved it short but I still just never felt like me and I hated the way I looked in photos. I’m such a girly girl and that reflection I saw in the mirror didn’t reflect the real me.


Last summer we got married and I had a ridiculous amount of tape in hair extensions and found myself fantasizing about my short hair…

our wedding June 2017

our wedding June 2017

In November I chopped it off again! Only to remember how much I hated my hair short….. Oh, and this time around I was 40 lbs heavier! FANTASTIC IDEA JANUARY!!

I’ve never,  in my grown ass woman years, felt as gross and ugly as I have for the last 6 months. 

And guess what? It really wasn't just my hair that I wasn’t happy about all along, it was the additional weight I had gained more than anything.

I was trying to fix the size of my ass by changing my hair….ugh….

So my pixie is nearly long enough to now to add some extensions. I think feeling prettier will catapult me into running again and ditching this weight, ultimately making me so much happier with me! 


hair goals

hair goals

I have seen the confidence transformation given to the women wearing NBR and I can't wait to feel it too. I want to feel pretty, sexy and strong in my cascading beach waves….as I run down the road losing the fat barrier that holds me back from being my best.

I know how I feel about ME affects my marriage, my work and the way I take care of myself.

Welcome to my journey.

Good AURA always,