#goal: Golden Godess! Here’s how!


If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it one thousand times....”omg, I’m so pale compared to you!”. 

I’m sorry!! YOU work in front of a mirror all day, every day....let me tell you- you’d go the extra mile too!


I hate it when my clients sit in my chair and pick themselves apart. You’re all so pretty!  



I wish I could embrace my paleness...but try as I may, I simply cannot. 

I also loath the spray tanning booth...so I DIY it. There are times you need the booth to get every square inch but honestly, most of the time you can do this yourself! 


So, here’s a peek into my regiment! No actual sun included.

I swear I’ve used every sunless tanner available and here’s where I’ve landed as my “go-to’s”. I still buy a different one to try here and there but...always go back!

This sunless tanner has a green base so there’s no reason to fear looking orange!!



After my shower I apply this with a mitt:



No one wants those tell tale stained palms. 


If you have dry patches, use a heavy body cream on those prior to using your sunless tanner. 


Phase 2: use an aerosol for tops of hands and tops of feet and anywhere else you’d like a bit more color! 


This one never lets me down. Never sprays blotchy and wears off well!

The next level: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs!



This is a gift from heaven above!  Grab yourself some next time you’re at the drugstore or Target!

Ladies....do you have spider veins? SAY GOODBYE!!!! 

This is NOT sunless tanner but if you lather this up on top of your sunless tanned gams you’ll be ready to strut your stuff for the next Victoria’s Secret catalog!! Yyyyaaaaassss!!!!  


This, my friend, is leg makeup!! Say WHAT? Yes, you heard that right! Think foundation in a giant bottle to lather all over your legs (or anything showing...let’s be honest).  


I know now what you’re saying...”does it rub off?”. 

eh, ish. 

To truly remove it you must scrub with soap and water. It says “non transferable” and in the winter....yeah! When your sweating like crazy in the summer???? Well, what the heck doesn’t melt a little... 


I’m always careful to only apply it to the tops of my arms and strategically use it when it’s super hot outside. 


Even if you’re NOT tan, this product comes in multiple shades for various skin tones.  


Ditch the panty hose and get yourself some airbrush legs!  

Literally a miracle worker!! 

I’m frequently asked “do you put sunless tanner on your face?”. 


I’m not saying YOU should, but I wanna glow! Does it lead to a blackhead or two, probably. Pick your battles. 


I also have to be careful wearing light colors if I anticipate sweating a lot as my sunless tanner sweats out EVERYWHERE! 



Don’t use white towels and for God sakes don’t even think about white sheets!! 


I think of it this way... 

”pasty and wear white? Or TAN and wear darker colors”..... 

dark fat always looks better than white fat.... 


I rest my peace!


golden bronze AURA always!






January Carter