Left Turn!

We were on cruise control, flowing with traffic when Taylor & I made a radical left turn. We didn’t know we were going to make a left turn. There was no plan for that. But when the opportunity presents itself...well, you have a choice. You can continue your path or make a change.

Here’s how our vision changed & when we chose to rewrite our story.

In October of 2016, I took Taylor to the Unite Global Conference in San Diego. Sitting in the Balboa Theatre balcony, we noticed a stylist a few seats down sitting by herself. Of course, as soon as we could, we were chatting her up & ended up going to lunch with her along with our sales rep & some other stylists.

She threw her long, shiny, bouncy dark wavy hair into a ponytail at lunch and I was all but drooling over THAT HAIR! I knew she had to have extensions and I studied her every move. I looked hard for attachments….and NOTHING!

So, being that we’re stylists, I finally just asked “What kind of extensions are you wearing?”

She lit up with cheer and said, “OMG! NBR! You should totally go to Laguna & take the class!” I immediately grabbed my phone and searched insta for DKW Styling. YES! I so need to learn to do these! Gorgeous!

I then immediately clicked on her classes, whipped out my credit card and booked a certification course - last one available for the year, the 1st week of December. Done & Done - Eight hundred some dollars later I’m in! Those are the best extensions I’ve ever seen & I’m definitely going to learn how to do those!

Then, I came home.

One look at my schedule for December 16 quickly detoured my plans for Laguna, DKW Styling & NBR Extension Certification. Damn!

I emailed them and told them of the sad, sad news….I was already booked solid & couldn’t get away. They gave me 6 months to use my deposit...but I lost it. My December engagement & June wedding officially took priority. Oh, and Taylor was getting married in early May! We were two busy girls!


As fall rolled around this year, I began receiving emails from NBR with a new program attached. It was NBR Certification with Business Marketing (BMS). Whaaaa? Sounds cool! Can’t hurt! “Tay, let’s go!”

After a lengthy application form,  acceptance, and three weeks of homework, we were in!

Lordy Lordy, Taylor & I had NO IDEA what the hell was getting ready to happen to us.

You see, we were on cruise control! Things weren’t where we wanted them to be, but things weren’t  bad either. Then BMS +NBR…..


The BMS & NBR Conference equaled three very intensive days of soul searching and looking internally to ourselves. Listening to many of the other 170 stylists  there have emotional meltdowns over their lives too.

You see, BMS starts with Taylor and I,  & with each of the stylists there,  asking questions like: “Why am i here? What are the facts about money in my business? How many hours am i working? How many days? How do I feel when I look at how much money I make for the time involved? How do I feel I’ve done as an artist behind the chair and a business woman in front of it in 2017? Where am I in my “Core 4”? [ my body, being, balance, & business]  What is my “Why?” Why do I come to work? Why do I do what I do?

When you gather 170 stylists willing to be there the first week of December [ the busiest time of the year]  to learn about business and marketing and extensions….you have a room full of people ready to make change. Hungry to grow. Hungry to prosper. Hungry to do what we do BETTER!

I mean HOLY MOSES!!!

From mom guilt, to running around with an empty “bucket” - working too much, never saying “no” and not pushing the bar -being absolutely bored and not challenging ourselves ……. these people had my number!  and everyone else's too!

You see, we are artists. The art comes easy for us. But business ….not so much.

After our 3 day conference, Taylor and I have decided to join the Mastermind program with BMS. It’s a $10,000 investment per person in ourselves, in our families, and in our futures.

It’s accountability & guidance to keep us on track to taking care of ourselves - our Core 4 - and allowing us to grow & live our best lives. It’s a solid plan for us to control our lives & our success & not let life control us or “happen” to us.

2018 we are living our life on  FIRE & ENJOYING every moment of it. We are choosing our own path and choosing to fill our “bucket” rather than letting it go dry and then breaking it into pieces and giving it away.

And all of this equals change. Change for us and change for our existing clients.

Cheers to 2018!